Friday, October 2, 2009

Brain-Computer Interfaces: Advantages and Disadvantages

A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a technology which allows a human to control a computer, peripheral, or other electronic device with thought. It does so by using electrodes to detect electric signals in the brain which are sent to a computer. The computer then translates these electric signals into data which is used to control a computer or a device linked to a computer.

Advantages of BCI:

Eventually, this technology could:
  • allow paralyzed people to control prosthetic limbs with their mind
  • transmit visual images to the mind of a blind person, allowing them to see
  • transmit auditory data to the mind of a def person, allowing them to hear
  • allow gamers to control video games with their minds
  • allow a mute person to have their thoughts displayed and spoken by a computer
Disadvantages of BCI:
  • Research is still in beginning stages
  • The current technology is crude
  • Ethical issues may prevent its development
  • Electrodes outside of the skull can detect very few electric signals from the brain
  • Electrodes placed inside the skull create scar tissue in the brain


  1. what is the adverse effect of BCI on human brain?

    1. BCI is brain TO computer interface, hence it only captures the signals from the human brain, so it can have absolutely no adverse effect on the human brain. C-BI on the other hand is extremely dangerous and can result in death..

  2. send some more info abt adn and dis adv

  3. It is also called as mind machine interface ,need to learn more about brain-computer interface hardware cost india

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